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    We know that everyone has a godly connection with their homes and properties, but termites can destroy them over years if you do not have protection or inspections. The condition keeps on changing, and termites can attack at any time of the year. We are a team of certified termite controllers who help all in Adelaide with inspections, control, barrier settings, and more.

    Signs of Termites

    Signs of Termites

    Do you know if you have termites in your home and office?

    Signs of Termites

    Termite Species

    Learn more about the common termite species found in South Australia.

    Signs of Termites

    Termite FAQs

    Frequently asked questions on termites.


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    Adelaide Pest Control’s Termite Solutions

    SES Termite Control Adelaide is a company in which people in Adelaide trust to get all kinds of services required for protecting homes and businesses from termite attacks and damages. We have an experience of more than 25 years in this industry, and over years, we have saved many thousands of clients from termite infestation.

    SES Termite Control is a South Australia based termite control company in Adelaide. We are open 24 hours 7 days a week in emergency cases. Our exterminators are uses chemical free products to control your termite and unwanted pests. We are also expert in termite inspection, protection, treatment, eradication and control services. If you know about identifying the species of termites active in your home and office, call us now on 0876665184 for same-day booking and services. Our termite technicians provide safe and effective solution for all types of termites.

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    Our team members are also available 24 hours in emergency cases.


    We provide safe and effective termite control services.

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    Our technicians provide same-day termite control services in Adelaide.


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    Integrated Termite Management

    Our termite management staff expertly coordinates termite control services

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    Restaurant Pest Control

    We provide termite control service in Adelaide’s Restaurant

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    Certified and Licensed Termite Controllers

    SES Termite Control provides certified and licensed termite controllers at affordable prices.


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    SES Termite Control Adelaide is a company in which people in Adelaide trust to get all kinds of services required for protecting homes and businesses from termite attacks and damages.


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    We provide same-day and 24/7 emergency termite control service in Adelaide.

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    Is it necessary to hire a professional for preventing termite damage?

    You can prevent termites from damaging your property by calling experts. It is necessary to seek professional help for getting rid of termite infestation. Professionals will block termite entry points and will aid in preventing them from damaging your property. 

    How should I choose an authentic company for the prevention and inspection of termites? 

    You should check whether the company is licensed or not. It is important to avail services from a certified and licensed company. Our company is a certified one; we will provide the most reliable services.

    What is the source of termites infestation in my house?

    Termites often look for food sources and will feed on those substances. They often feed on cellulose and thus will feed on wood materials, paper, and cardboard. As most of these consist of cellulose, termites usually damage the substances made of wood.