Difference Between White Ants and Termites

To an unprofessional eye, termites and white ants look the same. However, the termites are more relatable to cockroaches than ants. People more often confuse termites with white ants, but they both greatly differ from each other in terms of characteristics, appearance and daily dietary needs.

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Characteristics of Termites 

Termites reside on a strict cellulose diet. Cellulose is an organic compound that is found in plants and woods. All termite species live on cellulose, which means they are not only attracted to your wooden items, but they can cause damage to your paper, plants and cupboards too. 

What do termites look like? 

Although very common to ants in respect to size and shape, termites have special features that make it easy to identify them. 

  • Termites are light in colour, usually, a cream/white colour & can sometimes appear a little translucent. 
  • They have straight antennae unlike ants.
  • Termites are thick-waisted pests.
  • There are termite castes.

Characteristics of Ants 

Ants can walk long distances to search for food sources. A few types of ants will leave a scent that will seek other ants towards a food source. 

What do ants look like? 

Ant looks different from termites in some cases, like: 

  • They are commonly dark in colour depending on several species. 
  • Ants antennae are elbowed in shape
  • Ants have eyes on the side of their head
  • The ant body is consist of 3 parts- head, thorax and gaster
  • Unlike termites, ants have a very thin waist at the point where the gaster and the thorax join. 

Spot the Signs 

Know the difference between a termite and an ant as it is really important during the termite season. The termites poke their heads all around the corners. 

If you are able to know the differences between spotting signs of termite and ant damage and nestings, you can easily reduce and manage the damage that may occur in a manner. It will surely help you save expenses and efforts on termite and ant repairs.