Liquids And Baits: Two Ways To Control Termites Explained

Control Termites Explained – Termites have the potential to cause damage worth billions of dollars to properties. That automatically makes termites one of the most dangerous pests. Apart from this, homeowners spent a considerable amount of money fixing the mess and exterminating them from the property. However, there are preventive measures one can take to stop termites from invading your space.

How to control termite infestation?

Do you want to prevent termite entry into your house before it becomes an infestation? In that case, you can opt for either of these two methods – liquids and baits. However, it is vital to note that both these ways have pros and cons. You must understand each of them in detail and then opt for the one that best suits your criteria.

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1. Liquids

One of the most common methods to control termites is the usage of liquid termiticide. In this procedure, pest controllers apply termiticides in the soil around the house. This effectively kills the termites that use soil to gain entry into the home. Efficiency is the main reason why this method has been the preferred one for pest control experts for years.

However, there are two significant drawbacks too. Firstly, liquid termiticides are effective against some termites. But, they are not enough to kill an entire colony. Moreover, when the liquid barrier starts fading, the worker termites will find a route to invade your house. Secondly, it is pertinent to dig trench and holes for applying the termiticide. That can be problematic and cause hassle.

Moreover, there is another point that you must understand. The liquid soil termite treatment is not a barrier that prevents termites from crossing the threshold. Termites can easily build a channel around the treatment zone.

However, if pest controllers can use the liquid termiticide in conjunction with the physical features of the house, then the method could be a success. The revelation of the mud tubes is crucial to eliminating the termites from entering the house. But, pest control experts also need to make sure that there are no gaps in the treated zone. Even the tiniest space can allow termites to worm their way into your house. In this case, Pre-construction termite protection flaws or the wrong soil type can cause issues.

2. Baits

Termite baits are an excellent alternative to control a termite attack. If you are not too sure about using chemicals to prevent a termite infestation, using the baiting system is an excellent idea. Baits have two significant purposes. One of them is to destroy the termite colony, and the other is to monitor and make sure that the termites do not make reappearances.

Generally, termite baits are installed around the house perimeter. This is to intercept the termites before they get a chance to invade your home. These baiting stations are placed over the ground. They usually contain cellulose or wood materials in order to attract termites.

The pest controllers check the bait stations at least every 2-3 months and see if the termites feed on the wood or not. If the experts observe an active attack, then they place an insecticide inside the bait station. However, the insecticide used is slow acting. So, when the termites feed on it, they do not die immediately. Instead, they take it with them to the colony, giving us a chance to kill the entire colony.

However, one of the most revenant questions that often come up while using the baiting system is its accuracy. Isn’t it possible for the termites to ignore the bait systems? While that is entirely possible, pest control experts know the distance that needs to be between multiple baiting systems to prevent termites from ignoring them.

These are the two most potent methods to get rid of termites before they attack your home.

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A termite attack can have deadly consequences on your property. Apart from destroying your precious belongings, you also have to pay a significant amount in eliminating them. However, there are ways that you can remove termites from your property. For that, you will first need to spot signs of termite infestation. Then, you need to apply preventive measures. However, if that doesn’t work, you must consult an expert for help.

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