Pre-construction termite protection

One in every four Australian houses will be always affected by termites in their entire lifetime. Will you risk your status on these odds? 

Research done by SES Termite Control Adelaide has shown that termite fear in Australian people is far more than that of rodents, spiders and cockroaches. 

It is a triggered fear by the requirement to offer protection and security for your property and family. 

In such a case, the application of pre-construction termite protection service is a huge necessity for new houses & is boosting the growth of the pest control industry throughout Australia. 

Offering a long-lasting termite protection 

At SES Termite Control Adelaide, we work with premium Australian builders to set up effective products as well as deliver quality and consistent service in all construction sites. 

Services Advantages: 

  • National coverage: Our company offers top-class Pre-construction termite protection that is covered nationwide.
  • Cost-saving: our professional termite treatment team focuses on delivering safe and economical priced services. 
  • Experience: our committed team of termite control professionals have immense experience in doing pre-construction termite and timber protections. 
  • On-time, Every-time: We show up on time to your desired location and give fast and effective service. 
  • Local: We are a local team of pre-construction termite protection experts who are familiar with all locations of Adelaide & provide a detailed service. 

Which termite prevention solution is best for you? 

We have a team of Pre-construction termite protection specialists to save your project, be it an extension, renovating your home or constructing a new home: Concrete slabs, joist or bearers, etc. Our professional team can inspect and offer suitable protection for you!