Signs of Termites

The Early Signs Of Termite in Your House and Office

Termites do not stay in the open, they mostly like to live and breed in dark, protected and humid environments. This behaviour makes it tough to detect termites. However, they always leave signs of their activities. And you can easily notice them with naked eyes. Here is a list of a few common symptoms of termite presence on your property and the damage that is observed. 

  • Hollow or papery sounding timber: When termites eat timber, they eat only the inside and leave a thin paint or timber behind. On tapping or knocking on the termite affected area, you can hear the sound of hollow or paper due to the inside timber that has been eaten away. 
  • Your vacuum begins to go through a skirting board: on the finger presses through a skirting board. It is the most common sign that most of our clients share with us. As termites like to eat up your wooden structures (especially timber), like- door jam, skirting board, architrave, pressure or bumps against structures will easily make damage. 
  • Hard to open doors or tight timber windows: as termites are fond of timber wood, their excreta or mud-like substance form a protective layer that traps moisture and heat. This makes the timber wood swell, leaving it difficult to open or close windows and doors properly. 
  • Cracks in corners or door jams: As white ants eat away all the timber in your doors and walls, it leads to a lot of loss to the structural beauty of your home and form cracks. Be careful not to ignore these cracks and hire a professional as soon as possible. 
  • Termite Mud: Termites make mud trails and tunnels to offer themselves a safer environment to move to or to save their collected food. This type of mudding is difficult to notice as they mostly build trails behind the gyprock and underground. However, you may notice some in your house’s brick foundations and in architraves.