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Our firm, SES Termite Control Adelaide, is the most dependable termite inspection and control company in Athelstone. Our Termite Control Athelstone team of experienced professionals has a wealth of expertise and experience in inspecting and controlling termites across the whole Athelstone metropolitan region and surrounding areas. We also promise to provide the best possible support in the fight against some of the most destructive termites in the Athelstone region, as well as a whole and complete removal of the issue.

Different Termite barriers we set against termites

Termite barriers are classified into two categories: physical barriers and chemical barriers.

Both products work to keep termites from infiltrating your house, but they do it in very distinct ways.

Physical Barriers

Termites are prevented from entering your house by physical barriers that are placed into the structure of the building. This kind of barrier is often composed of mesh webbing that is installed under the slab of the house’s foundation.

In the presence of a properly constructed barrier, termites will be impossible to enter your property without first climbing out of the wall into an area of the land that is readily visible. This provides you with the option to contact a professional to eliminate them.

See our earlier blog post for more information on identifying a termite infestation. If you’re purchasing a freshly constructed house, many of them will be equipped with a physical termite barrier.

The problem is that with time, these physical barriers may deteriorate, making them less effective and enabling termites to enter your home via holes in the slab of your house unnoticed.

Chemical Barriers

Chemical barriers vary from physical obstacles in that they are not permanent features in a home. On the other hand, chemical barriers are built by professionals who dig a trench around the perimeter of the property and spray the frame with a chemical material.

It is dependent on the chemical that is employed whether these barriers are effective or not; for example, some pesticides fend off pests while other compounds kill pests.

Once termites have established a colony, they are committed to staying for the long haul. Each colony has a king and queen who are the only ones that can reproduce in the nest, and some have been known to survive for as long as 25 years in their current location in the nest. That is why, if you uncover a termite infestation in your house, you must act quickly to exterminate the termites or they will continue to eat away at the structural wood components of your home.

Are you willing to know Pre-construction termite protection

Step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of termites in your house

  • Locating and identifying termites : Inspect your house regularly for symptoms of termites. Examine your property’s exterior for signs of damage, especially in locations around your home where wood surfaces come into touch with the soil. Another telltale clue is the presence of mud tubes around 6mm in diameter and run along walls, foundations, or joists. Drywood termites do not construct mud tubes because they construct their nests in dry pieces of wood. When searching for dry wood termites, look for tiny digested wood pellets that are smaller than a grain of rice, which are left behind by dry wood termites as they chew their way through the wood.
  • Speak with a qualified professional : When it comes to termite control, it is often suggested that homeowners seek the assistance of a professional terminator exterminator rather than trying to do it themselves. This is because termites are challenging to eradicate, and that termite removal is best handled by specialists who have received specialized training. Termite exterminators often employ specialized equipment and hundreds of gallons of a liquid pesticide, which may be pretty expensive. On the other hand, self-treatments for termites are readily accessible on the market and are most suited for dealing with accessory constructions such as sheds, fencing, or decks.
  • The next step is to apply a barrier treatment : Starting with a barrier treatment, such as advanced Termite Killer, will save you time and money if you decide to go the DIY path. It is made up of granules that may be sprinkled around the exterior of your house to kill termites before they have a chance to get inside. Make sure you thoroughly read and follow the label instructions.
  • Termite baits : Applying termite bait, such as Spectracide Terminate, to an existing termite infestation can help destroy it. Consumer baits are sticks you place in the ground around your house to attract rodents. Foraging termites are drawn to the bait, transporting the poison back to their colony. The bait works slowly, taking three to fourteen days to eliminate the colony.
  • Avoid further infections : As an alternative to periodically administering a barrier treatment, homeowners may use various non-chemical preventive methods to minimize the likelihood of new termite infestations. Such steps include the removal of wood siding or other buildings that come into touch with the soil, installing effective gutters to direct rainfall away from the foundation, and using gravel in garden beds instead of wood mulch.

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SES Termite Control Adelaide is the best termite controllers and inspector in the city. Specialists on the team have extensive knowledge in termite inspection and management in and around Athelstone. Additionally, we promise to deliver the most satisfactory service in the Athelstone area to combat the most dangerous termites and eradicate them.

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In the Athelstone area, SES Termite Control Adelaide is the go-to company for termite inspections and termite control services. Our company provides the most effective termite treatment for residential and commercial structures. It is necessary to get termite inspections and treatment in Athelstone since termites are a significant hazard. We are a trusted and respected brand in Athelstone for termite inspection and treatment. We provide professionally certified professionals to carry out the termite termination procedure with 100 per cent honesty, as well as a thorough report on the condition of your property.


Is termite treatment effective?

There is currently nothing that can permanently keep termites away. Fumigation is the only way to completely eliminate all termites from a building, which is why most respectable termite firms advocate for it

How long is a termite treatment effective?

Termite treatment typically lasts for roughly five years. More than five years may be achieved with liquid termite treatment compared to only one year with termite bait stations.

What methods do termite exterminators use to get rid of termites?

a professional exterminator will attempt to locate the nest and remove the queen before proceeding further. Termite fumigation, treatment sprays/foams, and the placement of bait stations around your house and yard may be required to eliminate your property’s termite danger completely.