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Detecting termites is not easy. You can only identify the termite infestation by noticing the damage caused by them. So, SES Termite Control Adelaide is here to offer you the best Termite Control Henley Beach. We have a highly experienced team of termite exterminators. They apply the most effective termite removal methods. Also, they have proper knowledge about different types of termites species that are found in Henley Beach or nearby locations. We are always there to protect your place from termites, so you can call us any day if you are looking for the best termite control near me.

Our local team of Termite Control Henley Beach has been working in this industry for more than a decade. They give the best consultation when you call us for a termite inspection. Besides, a better inspection will help in understanding the type of infestation. Accordingly, we apply the right solution for the elimination of termites. Our termite control treatments will give the most effective outcomes. So call us now on 08 7184 0835 to save your property and to get rid of those creepy insects as soon as possible.

We Lay Different Types Of Barriers Against The Termites

Most of the properties in Australia are affected by termites. So, we have designed some highly efficient barriers to set against the termites. Moreover, the installation of barriers doesn’t harm you or your kids and pets. We always keep our client’s safety a priority. So here are 3 main barriers which our team Termite Control Henley Beach uses against termites:

  • Chemical Barriers: This is one of the most used and trusted barriers. We use safe chemicals which pose no threat to kids and pets. In this method, we apply chemicals to the soil to prevent the termites. Besides, our team will set this barrier around the perimeter of your home. However, chemical barriers are the best option when you want the termite control done post-construction.
  • Physical Barriers: Physical barriers are mainly applied before the construction of the home. We have an expert team who puts this physical barrier under the slab of the home. The termiticides we install keep the termites away from your property. Furthermore, our team can set these types of barriers before construction as well to the home which is under renovation. 
  • Timber protection barrier: This treatment is specially performed to protect the timber from the attack of termites. Also, we install a barrier that involves pesticides that is also a repellent to timber. So reach out to us today to keep those nasty creatures away from the timber. 

For Perfect Termite Elimination, We Use These 6 Steps

Our termite exterminators use the best procedure for termite removal. Also, we assure you to give the perfect result post-treatment. So we follow these 6 steps to clear out the termite treatment and infestation from your place:

  • The inspection: The first thing our team does is the inspection. This helps us in identifying the areas which are affected by the termites. Also, we are equipped with the latest technology and have a skillful team to do the inspection.
  • The installation of a suitable ground station: After the inspection, we install the most suitable ground station. We apply the right barriers so that the termites come into contact with it.
  • Installation of termite monitoring stations: Later, we install the station for monitoring. Besides, this helps in checking whether the barriers are working against the termite’s colony.
  • Routine station monitoring and baiting: Our professionals will constantly check the progress. Also, accordingly, perform the rebaiting job. It helps in eliminating the termites.
  • Confirmation of termite colony elimination: After keeping a systematic review, our team will finally inform you about the complete removal of the termite colony.
  • Routine station monitoring: We also do regular checkups of stations to make sure there is no chance of recurrence of termites. 

We have come up with Termite FAQs

Hire The Most Experienced Team For Termite Removal In Henley Beach

We have an exceptional team of termite controllers who always makes us proud. They have been serving Henley Beach for more than 15 years now. Besides, they have thorough knowledge about various species of termites that cause damage to different types of properties. We always provide safe and on-time service and this makes us the best termite control company. 

The best thing about our team is they are residents of Henley Beach and can reach out to you as soon as possible. Furthermore, no matter what type of termite problem you have, they can solve it all. You can completely rely on them when it comes to applying chemicals, as they are trained to do this job safely. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and hire the most trusted termite management team in Henley Beach. 

Why Is Termite Control Team Henley Beach The Best?

We are a licensed and prominent termite removal company in Henley Beach. Furthermore, we have been providing termite management services in Henley Beach for many years now. Our quality of service has become better with time. Besides, various other beneficial things make us the finest termite control team such as:

  • Safe Termite Control: We take care of the safety of our clients when we perform the termite control job.
  • Affordable service: Get a budget-friendly termite control service by hiring us.
  • Certified Team: We have a certified and expert team of termite controllers.
  • Same day And Emergency Services: We are ready to provide service in an emergency. Also, you can call us on the same day of booking. 


1)Are termites active in winters?

Compared to other seasons, termites are less active in winters. However, they are active all year. So getting rid of them becomes essential.

2)How do I get a quotation?

You can call us, and our team will give the best quote over the phone.

3)Are you available at the time of the Holidays?

Yes, we are available 24*7. Our dedicated team is also ready to serve you on holidays.