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Termites are tiny pests, but they can be one of the most dangerous pests when in clusters. They can even bring down a strong building. And in Australia, there are more than 20 different species of termites. Each year, property owners spend millions to fix the damage caused by termites. And many spend enormous amounts for Termite Control Kensington Park treatment.

But with SES Termite Control Adelaide, you no longer have to worry about the termites that are slowly eating up your property. Our Termite Control Kensington Park team consists of rightly skilled technicians who know how to handle stubborn termites. We are also equipped with the required tools and technological methods to help you deal with termite treatment.

Termite Barriers we set up to resist the entry of termites

Termite infestation may require you to spend vast amounts to reverse their effect. However, it’s advisable to take precautionary steps before their infestation. So, some approaches that we consider effective for better termite control in Kensington Park are:

●      Physical Barrier

The physical barrier is created for the subterranean termites entering your property or timber in contact with the ground. They also make their entry through any defects or faulty cracks present in the property. They come in search of moisture and food.

There are three kinds of physical barriers that can help reduce the probability of termite infestation are; sand barrier, basalt barrier, and steel mesh barrier.

For the sand barrier methodology, our team adds a layer of sand particles to all the cracks or the possible entry points of the termites. This prevents them from entering your property. However, it only reduces the chances but not wholly eradicates it. 

And the same goes for basalt barriers even. Only the difference is for basalt barriers; we use basalt particles of size 1.6-2.5 mm instead of sand particles. However, not all kinds of soil can bear sand or basalt barriers. For that, our team inspects your area to analyze whether or not the barriers can be fixed.

For the metal mesh barrier, a layer of stainless steel is installed. And our Termite Control Kensington Park team ensures that the barriers are carefully installed, and no dirt or weed gets into the barriers as it could make the barriers ineffective.

●      Chemical Barrier

In the chemical barrier method, we surround the boundaries of your property with chemicals that would resist the termites from entering in. Termites that get in contact with the chemicals are dead. And gradually, the entire colony gets removed as termites themselves pass on the chemicals.

The team digs a deep trench over the boundaries as per your instructions to create a chemical barrier. Then, the trench is filled with water and a chemical mixture. The termites move around in search of chemicals and eventually end up with the chemicals. This method is, however, more effective than the physical barrier one.

If any live termites prevail in the property, there’s no point setting up a chemical barrier. Those termites have to be extracted in the first place. So, our Termite Control Kensington Park team studies the area first and then sets up barriers.

●      Timber Protection Barrier

Timber is one of the most accessible centres for attack by termites. They begin with timber and then capture the entire building as well. Thus, timber protection is an important step. We provide timber pre construction termite protection in two ways. One of them is by providing numerous pressure and vacuum cycles to inject the empty cell structures of the timber with preservatives. The other requires a coat of chemicals over the timber to prevent termites from entering in.

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Specific steps that we consider necessary for termite control In Kensington Park

We do complete termite eradication with a 6-step approach. Here are the series of steps in which our Termite Control Kensington Park team works to exterminate termite infestation from your property:

●      The inspection

The first thing that we do is inspect the area. Our team does this using the right tools to generate an accurate report. The report helps understand the root cause of the infestation and the termites’ entry points. This is done so that the experts can effectively create a treatment plan.

●      Installation of above-ground stations

After the entry points are figured out, the team prepares those points with attractive baits for the termites. Those baits have a dose of slow-affecting chemicals so that they can reach the entire colony of swarmers. This process is referred to as the installation of ground stations.  

●      Installation of termite monitoring stations

Once the above-ground stations are laid, the team moves towards installing termite monitoring stations. This is done to monitor the activities of the termites after every 2-3 weeks. This helps our team check whether or not the above-ground stations are working effectively.

●      Routine station monitoring and re-baiting

After every 2-3 weeks, our team will conduct an inspection using monitoring stations to check the activities of the worker termites. If needed, the baits are also replaced. This goes on until the colony of the termites is eradicated.

●      Confirmation of termite colony elimination

Through routine monitoring, our team checks and confirms the complete eradication of the termites. Until and unless complete extermination of the termites is carried out, routine monitoring and re-baiting go on.

●      Routine station monitoring

Even after the complete eradication of the termites, our team would come and check periodically for any further remains of the colony. This is done to ensure that no termite remains on the property.

Good reasons to hire us for termite control in Kensington Park

We gladly tell you that we are one of the highly recommended and trusted termite treatment service teams in Kensington Park and the regions nearby. We are the Adelaide’s Best Termites Control Company. Here are the reasons for hiring us as your Termite Control Kensington Park experts:

  • A new strategy, new plan, and quality services
  • We provide eco-friendly termite treatment strategies.
  • Experienced team, licensed team and dedicated team
  • We ensure the safety of your loved ones.
  • Our team is skilled and experienced. Also, they keep honing their skills from time to time.
  • You will get all the services at affordable and reasonable prices.
  • One time treatment from our team will protect your house and property for at least 5 years. 


● Is a termite inspection worth it?

Termites are hard to deal with — they re-infest homes unless treatment is done. Termite inspections are absolutely worthwhile to find out the severity of the problem and how to get rid of them. 

● How long do you take for complete termite eradication?

We do our part with utmost precision. However, the duration for complete eradication can’t be explicitly stated. It entirely depends on the severity of the infestation.

How much do you charge for termite control and barrier settings?

The rates entirely depend on the area and the severity of the infestation. You can contact us to get an inspection done for termite control and barrier settings. Our team of local experts will reach out and carry out the inspection and let you know the prices.