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Whenever we hear the name termites, wood and furniture destruction strikes our minds. Though Termites may be harmless when they march in clusters, they can lead to vast destruction at Termite Control Kensington. Hence, treating the Termites immediately is a vital step to be taken. Furthermore, the Termites are popularly known to destroy wooden furniture or pieces but simultaneously they can also damage the insulation system, books, papers, etc. Further, the Termites find the spring season to grow and develop in numbers. At the same time, the Termites are also known for shedding their wings & dropping to the ground.

SES Termite Control Adelaide is a professional team to function for termite solutions. Now, Termite infestation will no longer be an issue for any residential or commercial area. Hence, know more about us on 08 7184 0835 and avail the benefits of obligation-free quotations. In Kensington, we have the reputed services to remove and control the Termites. Furthermore, you can ping us for both residential and commercial Termite control actions. On the other hand, we are flexible with appointment bookings. Yes, you can reach our team anytime for termite-related queries or service booking. However, our 365 days and 24/7 assistance will keep your Termite issues at bay. 

Check out the Types of Termite Barriers we set to Control and Remove the Termites: 

Termite Barriers are one of the most effective techniques to control Termite infestation and prevent them from invading your property. Termites mostly come in clusters and tend to bring huge destruction to your expensive and luxury wooden furniture. Hence, here are some Termite barriers to control the termite Infestation at the earliest:

  • Physical Barrier: The most prominent Termite barrier we use is the Physical Barrier. Further, the physical barrier is created into the layout of a particular property that will prevent the Termites from penetrating the property. Next, the physical barrier consists of a mesh web. Hence, this technique will be used to halt the Termites from entering your property.
  • Chemical Barrier: Chemical barrier is again hygiene and safe for Termite prevention. Chemical barriers are different from Physical barriers. Generally, it is installed by professionals. In addition, they spray the perimeter of the property with a chemical substance.
  • Timber Protection Barrier: Yes, the Timber Termite Protection Barrier efficiently controls the Termites entry. In this process of the timber protection barrier, the Termites are deprived of entering the property.

What Do We Do For Termites Elimination? 

  • Inspection: At first, we start with the termite treatment with the inspection step. Hence, we need to inspect your property and find out the area where termites exist and the level of an infestation too.
  • Installing the Above-ground Station: Next, we install the above-ground station to control the termites in the active areas. Further, the Termites will be engaged and result in rapid elimination of the Termites colony.
  • Installing the Termite Monitoring Stations: In the Termite control process, the Termite Monitoring Stations are given a high level of importance. The Termite Monitor is inserted into the soil all-around your home. Once the installation is over, the experts will visit your place to find the activity of termites.
  • Regular Station Monitoring and Baiting: Once we set up the baiting station and monitoring station, we keep monitoring the activity of termites. Simultaneously, we also keep check of the level of control in termite Infestation.
  • Confirmation of Termite Colony Elimination: Our experts do keep track of the termite infestation condition. Also, they provide you with complete information about the elimination of termite colonies.
  • Periodic Routine Station Monitoring: Generally, our experienced experts also provide the periodic monitoring of the routine station. Hence, this way we can better work on our technique to control and eliminate termites.

SES Termite Control Adelaide is the best Team to Control and Prevent the Termites

In Kensington, we are one of the best teams to treat Termites from residential spaces and commercial areas as well. Hence, we focus on residential apartments, flats, private homes, offices, healthcare centres, hospitals, etc. Moreover, some common areas in Kensington that are under our coverage for termite services are North Kensington, Chelsea, Brompton, Ladbroke Grove, Holland Park, Notting Hill, South Kensington, West Brompton, etc. Additionally, our team is active and functional to work round the clock in Kensington suburb and nearby regions. Therefore, our termite detection team is highly knowledgeable, flexible, and on-time in their services. Hence, here you will be exploring and appointing the experienced authority for termite control and removal services in Kensington.

Specialties of our Termite Treatment Team in Kensington : 

  • Our Termite Treatment team is certified and knowledgeable.
  • Additionally, our experts are well trained and equipped to work on various termite control techniques and tools. 
  • We have a super attentive team to attend to your service on weekends also, for 24 hours.
  • The team we hire is very client-friendly. We offer you freedom and comfort to discuss your termite-related queries and know more about us.
  • We offer 24 hours of customer support to help you in having quick access to our service.
  • Highly attentive to work for your doorstep service. 
  • Our team offers the desirable job assistance. Also, the charges are as per the job size and no additional cost is demanded.
  • Moreover, we specialize in termite control action for residential and commercial areas too.


1. What are the signs of Termite Infestation?

At times, the Termite infestation can go unnoticed and can hide behind a space. Therefore, some common signs of Termite infestation include the formation of mud tubes, termite swarming, foundation walls, sawdust near holes that present the food.

2. What Treatment methods are available for termite control? 

Some common Termite treatment techniques are above-ground bait stations, liquid borate applications, perimeter bait stations, etc.

3. Are the Chemicals you use safe for my house and family?

Yes, the chemical we use is safe and non-toxic to be used in your house. Consequently, we do not use harmful chemicals and protect your pets and environment at the same time.