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Our pest control services are variable in Lockleys and other suburbs of Adelaide. We understand that termite issues can make unhygienic and unhealthy conditions. SES Termite Control Adelaide is the acclaimed creator of Adelaide’s termite control industry. Our methods are very clear and accessible. We provide the top quality pest control service for our customers. Our team is capable of dealing with all termite issues regardless of the property type, infestation problem and termite species. Make your property termite free with our smart solutions. Our Termite Control Lockleys team will visit and bring back the health condition of your property as early as possible.

The Distinct Types of Blockade We Offer for Termite Control

1 in 3 properties in Australia is attacked by termites. 50% of homes have active infestations. We can safeguard them by the execution of preventive methods such as barriers, baits and traps. The termite infestations that are not detected can cause major structural damage with heavy repairing bills.

Here are some of the most protective management of termites we use: 

  • Physical barrier

The new construction projects adapt the physical barriers for termite protection. Physical barriers are the least poisonous methods. The physical products are installed in the property by taking a trial over a given perimeter area. These barriers make dealing with the termites very easy.

  • Chemical barrier

A termite chemical barrier is a chemically treated area that will cover the perimeter of a property. This area is located underneath the ground. The chemicals used will stop the termites from any access to your property. The termites that come into direct contact with these chemicals will be killed soon. 

  • Timber protection barrier

The best appropriate method to protect your wood for long term use can be obtained by using wood preservatives. For timber protection, a variety of treatment processes have been used from ancient times. Some treatments should be regularly applied if the timber product is exposed to bad weather more often.

The 6 step procedure for complete eradication of the termites:

  • Identifying the termites

Inspecting the signs of termites regularly is essential. You can look for the destructed wood, specifically in areas around your home where wooden surfaces are in contact with the soil. Check for the small digested wood pellet, which is even smaller than grains of rice. These are the leftovers by the termites after chewing the wood.

  • Installation of above-ground stations

The installation of above-ground stations is done around your property when termites search for food. These stations have eucalypt timber interceptors that countless and unconventional studies have shown that termites favour food sources. It will help in achieving important and quick results of termite removal.

  • Putting in termite observing stations

The termite observing stations are utilized when there is any current activity. It is a long-term preventive method. These baiting stations consist of timber that can attract termites into the station. These stations must be checked regularly for termite activity on a systematic basis. Termite observing stations are very advantageous as being non-poisonous and will check the termite activity. These will finish all the termites in the end.

  • Regular station checkups and re-baiting

The bait treatments for termites are sometimes used to remove the termites. These will involve liquid barrier treatments and the use of other such methods. The baits must be a feasible form so that there must not be the requirement of access to hidden or hard to reach areas.

  •  Verification of termite colony elimination

A termite inspection by the experts will help you in the confirmation of termite colony elimination. They can easily let you know if that home has any infestation.

  • Routine station monitoring

Routine station checking is also advantageous for checking any signs of past termite infestation. The routine monitoring will keep your property up to date and relieved from termite infestations.

Do you want to know the Difference between white ants and termites

We have a renowned name in termite control in Lockleys and nearby areas

We can assist you in stopping the disastrous damage and problems to your home. Termite infestations can go unnoticed for a long time before you visualize any outward damage. Therefore, it is essential to call a trustworthy pest control service that can minutely inspect your property. They will take the right steps to help you in controlling and preventing termite infestations. Our teams for Termite Control Lockleys guarantee to make your property pest-free within 15 days. Contact us now and check out how we can help you today! We offer the best pest control service near Lockleys.

Best parts of our termite management team in Lockley

  • Safest pest control methods

Each type of pest infestation is different. Hence, we opt for the safest methods of eradicating the pests from your surroundings. There is not even one such single product that can magically solve your pests issue. Our termite control experts will thoroughly examine the issue and will apply suitable strategies to eradicate the termites.

  • Use of latest technology and devices

We apply the latest innovative techniques. These methods are environmentally friendly and are natural. Our professionals of Termite Control Lockleys are highly trained in inspecting your property for different signs of termite infestations, monitoring, reporting and following up.

  • Immediate response

Our team will give you an instant response after your call. They will save you from costly damages and any major destruction of your home.


How do I sense if I have a termite issue?

In the spring season, you will find swarms of flying insects both inside and outside your house. You may notice them on windowsills, counters or floors. Termites can also make mud tubes and other debris around the concrete surfaces. These signs also show that there is some structural damage to your home or workplace. 

What is the difference between a termite and a flying ant?

Termites have straight antennae. They have two pairs of wings of the same size and shape and a broad waist. Whereas flying ants have striped antennae with two pairs of wings. Their rear wings are smaller than front wings. The waist of the flying ant is narrowed.

How to stop termites?

Termites love wet environments, therefore keep your home dry. You must arrange regular home inspections by the professionals so that they can pre-treat the wood in your building. Keep your gutters clean and make sure that the drainage system is at least three feet from the building.  Change the position of any assembled firewood away from the side of the building.