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Though termites are considered harmless pests, once infested in clusters, they can destroy the entire property and furniture. Not just that, termites also damage papers, books, and insulation. Termites cause damage worth billions each year. It is thus necessary to consult professionals for Termite Control Payneham South.

At SES Termite Control Adelaide, we resolve to get your property rid of all sorts of termites. Our team comprises skilled professionals equipped with adequate knowledge of the updated methodologies and tools for termite treatment. Our Termite Control Payneham South experts are highly experienced in their respective fields. So, we ensure to eradicate even the most stubborn termites from your property completely.

We are also known for our eco-friendly approach to pest treatment. We make sure that no harmful chemicals or termiticides are used that could cause damage to your health. 

Termite Barriers we create against termites to lessen down their infestation.

If termite infestation occurs, you have to spend a hefty amount to fix the damage. So, to prevent termite infestation and for better termite control in Payneham South, we take the following approaches:

●      Physical Barrier

The physical barrier is set against the subterranean termites. These termites enter your property through the wooden furniture or materials in contact with the ground. Also, they enter through the cracks in the furniture or slabs.

Some barriers include sand, basalt, and steel mesh barriers. For the sand barrier, a layer of sand particles is added to all the possible entry points, such as slabs and piers, to block the entry of the termites. Even the basalt barrier works similarly, but instead of sand particles, basalt particles of size 1.6-2.5 mm are used. 

However, all kinds of soil do not support sand and basalt barriers. And we ensure that such barriers are installed carefully because if the barriers contain dirt or weed, it might make the barrier ineffective. And similarly, for the metal mesh barrier, a layer of stainless steel is installed.

●      Chemical Barrier

For the chemical barrier, we surround the building’s peripheral region with the chemicals that would prevent the entry of the termites. Termites that contact the chemicals’ layer get killed, and over time the entire colony gets destroyed as the termites themselves pass on the chemicals amongst each other.

But before creating the chemical barrier, our team suspects any live termites. Those termites are treated before setting up the barrier if there are any.

To create the chemical barrier, a trench is dug, and termiticide and water are filled in. So, when the termites contact this layer while moving around in search of moisture or food, they get a dose of the chemical too. This way, the barrier comes into effect.

●      Timber Protection Barrier

Timber or wood is one of the most common attacking points for termites. So, to protect your wood, we set up a timber barrier. This is done in two ways. The first one involves providing numerous pressure and vacuum cycles to inject preservatives into the vacant cell structure of the timber. The other one involves coating your timber with chemicals that would resist the entry of the termites.

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Steps that we prefer taking for termite control in Payneham South

We have a 6 step approach for complete termite extermination. Here are the series of steps in which our team works to look after your termite infestation:

●      The inspection

First and foremost, our team conducts a thorough inspection of the area and generates a report to study the termites’ entry points and root cause. For instance, a default in the construction or moist conditions may invite termites. This helps them analyze the most effective strategy to deal with the termites.

●      Installation of above-ground stations

Once the entry points are found, the team lays down baits on the feeding areas of the termites. These baits contain chemicals to eliminate them. The baits are placed so that the worker termites may come in contact with them. The baits do not contain repellents, and they contain slow, affecting chemicals so that the bait can reach a large population of termites.

●      Installation of termite monitoring stations

After the baits or the above-ground stations are laid, termite monitoring stations are also installed. After 2-3 weeks of installing the baits, the activities of the termites are monitored over the monitoring stations. This is done to ensure that the above-ground stations prove effective.

●      Routine station monitoring and re-baiting

Once every 2-3 weeks, our team would monitor the above-ground stations and replace the baits after certain intervals. This is done to ensure that the bait reaches a larger colony of the termites.

●      Confirmation of termite colony elimination

Through routine monitoring, our team checks and confirms the complete eradication of the termites. Until and unless complete extermination of the termites is carried out, routine monitoring and re-baiting go on.

●      Routine station monitoring

Even after the complete eradication of the termites, our team would come and check periodically for any further remains of the colony. This is done to ensure no termite remains on the property of the wood.

Reasons to hire us

Reasons to hire us for termite control Payneham South

We gladly would like to tell you that we are one of the best termite treatment services in Payneham South and nearby regions. Here are some of the reasons: 

● We provide eco-friendly strategies.

● We ensure the safety of the residents.

● Our teams provide a warranty for our services.

● Our team is skilled and experienced. Also, they keep updating their knowledge from time to time.


Do you provide your services in nearby regions of Payneham South?

Yes, we do provide our termite treatment services in nearby regions of Payneham South. We gladly would like to tell you that we are one of the best termite treatment service teams in Payneham South. 

● Do you provide complete termite eradication from the timber?

Our team is highly skilled, and thus we do our part with complete precision. So, we can ensure you complete termite eradication.

● How much do you charge for termite treatment in Payneham South?

The rates entirely depend on the area and the severity of the infestation. However, we can conduct inspections and inform you about the charges.