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For a thorough termite inspection and control, SES Termite Control Adelaide is Payneham top choice. A team of seasoned termite inspectors and controllers possess expertise and experience in the Payneham metropolitan area and adjacent regions. Payneham’s most destructive termites will be dealt with, and the problem will be completely eradicated, thanks to our commitment to providing the best possible Termite Control Payneham assistance in the fight against termites. 

Termite barriers we set against termites for long-lasting results

Physical barriers and chemical barriers are two types of termite barriers. Both of our Termite Control Payneham solutions effectively keep termites out of your home, but they do it in different ways. 

  • Physical barriers

Your home is protected against termites thanks to physical barriers included in the building’s construction. Under the house’s foundation slab, mesh webbing is commonly used to create a barrier against them. In this case, you have the option of hiring a professional and no one is more trusted or regarded than us.

Most termite-infested homes are often fitted with termite barriers built into the structure itself. But, termites might infiltrate your home via gaps in the slab of your house undetected if physical barriers erode over time.

  • Chemical barriers 

Because they’re not permanent fixtures in a house, chemical barriers differ from physical ones. As an alternative, skilled contractors dig a trench around the property and spray the frame with a chemical substance to create a chemical barrier.

The effectiveness of these barriers depends on the chemical used; for example, some insecticides deter pests while others kill them.

Once termites have formed a colony, they want to remain there long term. Some settlements include kings and queens who may live for up to 25 years in the same place in the nest, and they are the only ones that can reproduce. Therefore, you must get rid of the termites as soon as possible if you discover an infestation in your home’s structural wood components.

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Easy to follow steps to get rid of termites in your house

Identification of termites

Regularly check your home for termite signs. The outside of your house should be examined for indications of damage, particularly in areas where wood surfaces come into contact with the ground. Additionally, mud tubes that are 6mm in diameter and run along walls, foundations or joists are another warning sign. They do not build mud tubes because they build their homes in dry wood. When looking for dry wood termites, look for tiny digested wood pellets smaller than a grain of rice, which dry wood termites leave behind when they munch their way through the wood.

Make an appointment with a skilled expert

A professional termite exterminator is frequently recommended rather than a do-it-yourselfer when controlling termites. Due to the difficulty of eliminating termites, it is recommended that termite removal be handled by professionals who have undergone specialized training. A costly liquid pesticide and specialized equipment may be required for termite extermination. As an alternative, termite treatments that may be purchased over the counter are ideal for dealing with minor structures like sheds, fences or decking.

The barrier therapy is the next stage

If you decide to take the DIY route, a barrier treatment like advanced Termite Killer will save you time and money. Termites are killed by sprinkling granules around the outside of your home, preventing them from making their way inside. Please read and follow all label directions before using this product.

Baits for termites

Termite bait, such as Spectracide Terminate, may be used to an already established termite infestation to assist eradicate it. Consumer baits are rodent-attracting sticks that you set about your home. The bait attracts foraging termites, who carry the poison back to the colony. The colony is eliminated over a period of three to fourteen days with the use of the bait.

Prevent the spread of infection 

Non-chemical termite prevention approaches may be used in place of a barrier treatment to reduce the risk of a new termite infestation. Installing good gutters to divert rainwater away from the foundation, removing wood siding, and using gravel in flower beds instead of mulch are all examples of such measures.

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Control of termites with us is Payneham city’s top choice. In and around Payneham, our team has a wealth of expertise in termite inspection and control. To tackle the most hazardous termites and destroy them, we guarantee the best service available in the Payneham region.

Merits In Our Termite treatment team In Payneham

SES Termite Control Adelaide is the preferred termite control business in the Paynehem region. For both residential and commercial properties, our firm offers the most effective termite treatment. In Payneham, it is essential to have termite inspections and treatment since termites pose a serious threat. When it comes to termite inspection and treatment in Payneham, no one is more trusted or regarded than us. We use only fully licensed and insured specialists that handle your home honestly and thoroughly.


Is it possible for you to get rid of termites on your own?

Applying termite-killing goods to your home’s outside, using direct chemicals on the inside, setting up termite baiting, and spraying boric acid in your floors and walls are some of the finest methods to get rid of termites.

What is it that draws termites to a structure?

Termites are driven inside homes by a variety of factors, including dampness, wood in touch with house foundations, and gaps in the building’s façade. Different species are attracted to different combinations of these variables.

What causes termites to come out of nowhere?

 Some of the termite species live many feet below the earth surface. So we see no signs of termite infestation on the surface. But when they grow infinite in numbers and get routes to the surface you find them getting out of nowhere.