Termite Control Process

With a growing need for termite control services, SES Termite Control Adelaide offers some extraordinary termite control services by the skilled termite controllers in Adelaide and nearby areas. So, if you spot a termite infestation on your property or need to install a termite monitoring system around your property, you can seek our termite exterminators from the local team.

With modern tools and technologies, our team strives to put the best result in keeping termites away. So, contact us with the first sign of termite infestation and choose the best service accordingly. Before that, let us brief you about the termite control process by our team.

Termite control process

Termite Inspection

Our team starts the termite control process with a detailed inspection. And that helps us to get a proper insight into the severity of termite infestation. At this stage, we look for termite tubes over the walls and wooden furniture. Subterranean termites make mud tubes to pass into the wooden item and take shelter. The mud tubes are formed with soil and fecal matter of the termites.

Scrapping And Removing

Once you spot the mud tubes, our experts scrap the mud tubs and remove them away from the property. In an active termite colony, removing mud tubes will remove plenty of them. And we do the scrapping with utmost attention, as the leftover mud tubes may cause further termite infestation.

Creating A Trench

As we remove the termite colony from the superficial layer, our termite controllers aim to prevent the termite infestation from the bottom. And that is possible only with digging a trench. For that, we start to dig a trench just outside the foundation of the building that separates the soil and the building. And there we will install a barrier to prevent termites. The termite barriers can be physical and chemical as per your requirement. 

Treating With Chemical Insecticides

Once the trench is ready, we use a suitable EPA regulated suitable termite Insecticide to fill the trench. It is a preliminary termite control with immediate effect. The termite Insecticide is customized depending upon the severity of the termite infestation.

Trench Backfilling

After introducing termite Insecticide in the trench, we seal the trench by backfilling. Without backfilling the termiticides will wear off from the termites. Also, it is a necessary step to avoid exposing humans and house pets to chemical pesticides.

Treating Rim Joints

Once the termiticides are at the place, we start to treat the time joints. There are certain things that you need to maintain. And our team ensures the same with an eco-friendly method. The termite experts treat the time joints with borate. The borate has low toxic elements with great preventive properties against termites. So, we layer the wooden substructure with a borate solution.

Regular Maintenance

Once we install the termite prevention trap, all you need to do is monitor the entire setup. Our team has professionally trained experts to keep an eye on that. So, keep your home and property termites free with our regular termite control and property maintenance services.

So, these are the most followed steps by the experts at SES Termite Control Adelaide in treating termites efficiently. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality solution against termite infestation, call us today and avail of the best service for you. Our services are available 24hours day and night in Adelaide.