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Termites are the most destructive of all pests. These pests have a reputation for wreaking havoc on homes and businesses that are incredibly costly to fix. The property’s owner would be under a lot of financial strain and stress due to this. Termite Control South Plympton is best at its service

Termite treatment in South Plympton is right here if you’ve seen signs of a termite pest infestation around your house and are trying to find one. Residential, commercial, and industrial establishments can rely on our team for Termite Control South Plympton to exterminate all termite species. A thorough termite inspection, a comprehensive termite treatment service, and helpful advice are all part of our comprehensive termite control service.

We use a variety of termite barriers to keep them at bay.

Termite Physical Barriers

A termite barrier can be installed in the early stages of development whether you have purchased an off-plan property or are planning to build on your property. SES Termite Control Adelaide can put up a post-construction barrier as effective if you are already in your business or house. We offer Pre-Construction Termite Protection systems.

The physical termite barriers we use are chemically impregnated materials that prevent termites from gaining clandestine entry into your property and are the ideal solution for new construction or substantial renovations. There are many ways termites can get into a concrete slab, such as by piercing through the slab (plumbing or electrical, for example), squeezing through any joints in the slab, or lurking about the edge of the slab (like a brick base home).

Termite Barrier System with Chemical Reticulation

We utilize a hose or flexible tubing to distribute the termiticide into the ground through perforated holes, similar to how a typical chemical soil treatment works. The pipe is buried around the building’s foundation and installed.

If your property has pavers, or if you intend to pave, or if it has concrete around it, this technique works effectively because it requires little disruption of these existing structures when it comes time to replace the chemical. Many people want a reticulation system installed when building a new home or renovating an existing one.

A safety barrier made of Timber

To protect your wood and furniture from termites, we can also install a timber barrier. It is an easy and cost-effective way to safeguard wood and furniture against termites. We have been doing this for years and we have helped many thousands with our timber termite protection service in South Plympton. 

The six-step process to rid your home of termites

  • Inspection

A licensed termite control specialist will visit your home as soon as you call us. Our expert exterminator will then carry out a white ant inspection. They’ll let you know which termite species you’re dealing with, how much damage they’ve done, and what brought them to your home in the first place.

We will also discover and locate termite nests around your property as part of our service. If you have termites or white ants, we can help you create a barrier around your home.

  • Proper planning before execution

The exterminator will build a termite treatment strategy based on the examination results to prevent further damage to your property from these pests. What to expect, the timetable and any other instructions you may need to know will be included in the treatment plan prepared for you.

We will go over the treatment plan with you before we get started. The fact that this is your home means that we want to make sure that you understand exactly what we’re doing to defend it from termites.

  • Termite monitoring stations will be installed

When it comes to white ant control and termite extermination, we’ll do the job on time and within budget. We install termite monitoring stations. 

  • Station checks and rebaiting

You should continue to apply the preventative measures we propose even after our termite extermination service is complete if you want long-term results. Termite barriers will be given to you as a precautionary measure to keep your building free of infestations in the future. Termite barriers come in three varieties.

Under building slabs, there is a specific layer that acts as a physical barrier. A chemical barrier can be created by treating the soil with termiticides. Materials resistant to termites, such as steel frames, concrete tilt slab construction, cypress pine framework, and others, are all available.

In addition, there are a few other strategies to prevent a recurrence of the infestation. To prevent termite infestation, make sure your home is well ventilated, block all possible insect access points, maintain the property clean and clutter-free, and keep an eye out for any probable indicators of infestation.

  • Verification that the termite colony has been eradicated

The termite colony is eliminated when we finish our work. We will check the areas after our treatment for the confirmation of everyone.

  • Monitoring of the station regularly.

Additionally, we do frequent station checks to ensure that your home is termite-free.

We are the best termite control company in South Plympton and the surrounding areas.

A huge pile of timber or wood chips of any kind is the most enticing to termites. Consider clearing and chipping underbrush, sawdust heaps, burn or slash piles, and firewood. To protect your home against termites, we will do a thorough inspection of your property. 

Things that attract termites and should be eliminated from your property will be explained to you or the property owner by our team. You should also be aware that termites will continue to infest an area even if eradication efforts are unsuccessful if they have daily access to food and water. 

Moreover, we are a local termite control team in this region, and we are available to serve all in South Plympton and its nearby areas. 

Are you having any doubt related to Termites, check the Termite FAQs

Our South Plympton Termite treatment team has the best of everything

  • Personalized Programs

You can rely on our pest control specialist to recommend the best course of action for your situation. All of our treatments are long-term preventative measures. Attempting to solve the same issue twice is unnecessary.

  • Decreased Peril

If you use the wrong pest control methods and procedures, your family’s health is at stake. In addition, it can be perilous to conduct a solo search for infested places. Because of this, it’s advisable to avoid tinkering with the infestation.

  • Affordability

If you use our services, you won’t have to pay a fortune. To rid your property of termites, we employ the most effective methods. Non-chemical treatment methods are also available to ensure that your family’s health and hygiene are not jeopardized. You only have to make a one-time investment to enjoy long-term rewards!

  • Flexibility in terms of both time and resources

When it comes to termite pest control, have you been doing a lot of research online? Time to give up DIY chemical treatments and get in touch with a professional instead. Tell us about your termite control needs for your home, and we’ll put our best efforts into eliminating them from your home.


Termidor, what exactly is it?

With our team for Termite Control South Plympton, you can protect your home from termites by applying Termidor. As long as the Termidor powder isn’t disturbed, it’ll remain in place for decades. As a result, it creates a barrier around your home.

What is the process of termite control?

A day or two may be required for our Termite Control South Plympton team to complete the treatment, but they are known for providing the best service possible. It will take some time before we find a long-term solution. It’s our job to use treatment tactics and methods that work wonders and destroy all termites, even their queens. 
Your property will receive termiticide treatment if you use our liquid soil treatment. Termites are deterred from entering your home by the termiticides in the soil. Their colonies are destroyed as a result of this poison.

How long does a termite treatment typically last??

When it comes to termite treatment, the effectiveness and long-term viability are directly correlated. A majority of treatments safeguard your home for a few years from termite re-invasion. If you hire our professional termite treatment service, we will conduct a thorough examination and devise a detailed treatment plan. Our exact execution and prevention will protect your property for at least five years.