Termite FAQs

Q. What do termites actually look like? 

SES termite Control Adelaide (usually seen in houses) are common in size to a blank ant but in a pale colour. This is why they are also called “white ants.” On having a closer look, you can see 2 sections of their body, whereas ants have 3. Soldier termites are dark in colour and have brownish heads. You may notice termites with wings, they are alates. Sometimes termites are confused with moths, the alate termites fly off their colonies in search of a new place to reproduce and build a fresh colony. The subterranean termites are widely spread throughout South Australia. Check our termite species guide for more information and interesting facts on termites. 

Q. How to confirm whether you have termites? 

Termites are not easy to detect. Sometimes you get to see tell-tale signs of termites. For instance- tunnels of mud. However, termites are clever enough to hide their marking tracks. If you are assuming that your place has termites, you must invest in our affordable termite inspection service. Call us as soon as you can and get served by our professional termite controllers. 

Q. Will termites eat my termite-treated pine? 

No, they cannot. However, termites can use your treated pine or wood logs as a bridge and pathway to enter your indoors. 

Q. How do termites enter your home? 

Termites are flexible enough to squeeze into very tiny holes and cracks. However, termites require a very managed environment. The nests as well as their walkways are at much higher temperatures as compared to nearby air. It means that they will either enter the home by using timber that is in contact with the soul or through mud trails from soil to the cracks and holes in concrete or penetrate in pipes by the slabs or foundation walls.

Q. How fast can termites infest a home? 

Termites are forever in search of new food sources, so if you find a large amount of timber wood in or outside the house that isn’t treated properly, termites can come in the very day. Moreover, termites have abilities to infest a structure even before it is built fully or you have moved in. So, you must look for pre-purchase termite inspections. 

Q. Are termites damage included in home insurance? 

No. Most house insurance policies do not include destructions made by termites. The fact is one in four Australian homes are termite affected in their entire lifetime, it needs you to be more attentive. Take recommendations from our expert termite control professionals for your business or home. We can help you treat a current problem as well as help you with future termite prevention tips.

Q. How can I avoid termites?

There are practical and very simple steps that you can take to avoid the risk of termite nesting. Changes may be put in place smoothly, with possibly less or no price to you. Check our prevention tips for more.

Q. Is Do-it-yourself termite treatment a reliable option?

DIY termite treatment or control is always a bad option, as identifying termites is a crucial step for the successful elimination of pests. The DIY traps for termites are not effective, as termites may change their route and attack some other place of your house.

Q. How can I get rid of termites? 

If you notice termites anywhere on your property, you must not try DIY control on your own. On disturbing the termite colony, they will re-route their movement to some other place of your property. You can check our termite treatment section for valuable information to control them. 

Q. Are your termite control services safe for my family? 

Yes, all of our termite baitings are non-toxic & not at all harmful for pets, adults or children. To know more about how we control termites, please check out our termite control section. 

Q. What time is the best to call for professional termite control services? 

A control service for termites can be reactive or proactive. Controls are usually indicated whenever you see termite movements and damage. However, our monitoring and baiting method is a two-prolonged step to control termites. The underground baiting system can be left to monitor all year long for termite movements. So, whenever termite activity increases, our experts can provide bait to control the entire colony.