Termite Inspection

Adelaide’s Best Termite Inspection Specialists

One in every four homes in Australia is affected by termite infestation and damage. It is important to take termite issues seriously and apply preventive measures to control them as soon as possible. Damage by termites are not always covered in home insurances and can cost you up to thousands of dollars to fix and repair. Moreover, they have the potential to make your future home look no more cosy and unwelcoming. 

SES Termite Control Adelaide  offers comprehensive inspection and control services for termites that are offered by expert termite controllers. Our termite control professionals have both practical and theoretical knowledge about various termite species, reasons for their nestings and how to control them in the right manner. By using the latest technology and organic pest control products, we can help you with a unique termite treatment service in Adelaide.

Our Termite Control Benefits: 

  • Complete Termite Inspection: We are undertaken by top-class termite inspectors and exterminators with immense localised knowledge & skills of all Adelaide areas. 
  • A full written report: At the end of every inspection, we provide you with a detailed report. 
  • Recommendations: We offer the best solutions based on your property’s situation. 
  • Future homeowners: Check out our complete range of pre-buy inspections, offering you all the important details about the new dream house before you enter or purchase it.