Termite Protection

Termite Protection For Home Owners

It is common that termites do a lot more damage to structures both- commercial and residential than all-natural calamities combined. Are you aware of the fact that the average house insurance does not cover termite damage? Well yes, it is so. So, if your property is at risk from the termites, our professional termite controllers will come and develop a complete prevention and protection plan for you. Also, our termite protection and prevention programs are made to meet your particular requirements. 

SES Termite control Adelaide is excellent termite protection providers of: 

  • Chemical barriers for termites
  • Physical termite barriers
  • Termites reticulation system
  • Termite Baits

Tips and Tricks To Prevent Termites 

  • Remove: You can remove debris, stored timber and cellulose items from in, under or around your property as well as under the home. Storing timber under or against the property/ home or on soil sub-floors will offer an attractive source of food and infestation site for the subterranean termites. It may also hide the proof of termites living in your homes. So, remove all the timber or debris (including dead leaves) far away from the home. 
  • Ensure: You can ensure that the subfloor attached vents are always blockage-free. Substandard or poor quality ventilation in your subfloors may result in a high level of humidity as well as increased moisture content indoors, Proper extraction fans and ventilation is a must to lower the chance of subterranean termites nestings. 
  • Use termite-safe timber: You can make use of termite-treated timber in retaining walls, fences, or garden beds. Do not place untreated timber for your garden or walls, as it will surely seek termite attention and allow them to live, nest and multiply. 
  • Construct: You can make timber fences & support posts by keeping a 50mm distance between the soil and the timbers. Mostly the timber fence base and subfloor timber breach in the surface of the soil. It further allows termites to gain access without even coming into notice. Galvanised post shoes are helpful in elevating the timber from the ground and are easily available in hardware stores. 
  • Remove stumps and dead trees: The dead decaying trees and stumps are best suited for termites to make nests in. So, it is better to remove these from your place or you can get them treated to minimise the risk of termites on your property.
  • Termites Baiting Systems: This program is a type of prevention as well as treatment that needs the use of an un-obstructive baiting station for termites that are installed around your home’s perimeter to detect and stop termites.

Do You Suspect Termites On Your Property? Call Us! 

It’s better not to waste more time and call SES Termite control Adelaide for a quick and effective termite inspection and control service. We have a group of professional termite inspectors and exterminators for a variety of services. From pre-purchase termite inspection to end of lease inspections & removal- we are experts at all. We can be your support for all residential and commercial termite control needs. Also, we take bookings 24 by 7 at 08 7184 0835.