Termite Species in Adelaide

You Know About Termite Species in Adelaide

Termites are known to be one of the most damaging pest insects in the world. Many structures and buildings are destroyed by these little pests every year resulting in great financial losses. At present, there are about 300 species of termite pests in Australia. However, in Adelaide, South Australia, Coptotermes species are considered as “public enemy number 1.”


  • Family: It comes from Rhinotermitidae
  • Sub Family: Cop Termitidae
  • Genus: Coptotermes
  • Types: Subterranean
  • Caste: King, queen, reproductive, worker and soldier
  • Type of nest: Coptotermes usually do not form mounds and generally nest in stumps, trees, verandas with buried timber and in poles. Preferred trees for infesting are eucalypts, English Oaks and peppercorns. Termite colonies are mostly seen in the crown root or anywhere in the lower end of the trunk. 
  • Distribution: Coptotermes Acinaciformis are present throughout South Australia. 
  • Economic Importance: It is the most damaging species in Australia. They attract all of your timber structures, ornamental trees, and destroy forests including fruit trees.

Soil contact is most liked by termite Coptotermes, but it is not necessary, provided that these termites have proper moisture and security in it’s infested site. You can observe Coptotermes termite colony on top of any commercial building- that has a continuous water supply and no ground contact. Large infestations have been seen inside barges of words that have zero ground contact, but a supply of moisture is there through the timber. 

Coptotermes Frenchi and Coptotermes lacteus are another most damaging pests from nesting in your property but are way less destructive than the ultimate Coptotermes Acinaciformis. Coptotermes frenchi is basically a green forest insect, whereas Coptotermes Lacteus attacks on serviceable timbers which have already observed a certain level of decay. 

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Termite Society 

The common caste in termite colonies is king, queen, alates and soldiers. 

Termite King and Queen: Life Giver To The Colony

The role of the king and queen termite in the colony is to reproduce. Beginning their life as an Alate, they have to leave their parents and drop onto the ground, shed their wings and seek nesting in its habitable environment. Moreover, they look after their young ones until they are ready to take over the functions of the colony.

Worker Termites: The work-doers 

The worker termites are the largest in number in their colony. They are responsible to do all the hard work (except reproduce or defend). Their main functions include grooming, feeding, nest excavating and building tunnels. In performing their roles, the workers are the ones that do the most damage to your homes. 

Soldier Termites: Protecting the colony 

Soldier termites defend their colony against predator attacks. Their enemies are mostly ants. Soldier termites have large jaws and have sticky fluids to protect themselves. 

Alates: Future Kings and Queens

Alates are winged babies that perform the role of reproducers in the near future. They swarm out and search to form new colonies. Female and male pair off & look for a reliable environment for mating. Alates are mostly confused with swarmer ants.