Termite Treatment

Our termite treatment in SES Termite Control Adelaide and control plans are customised especially according to your individual needs. 

Effective and Accurate Termite Treatments

Our termite treatment plans are the most reliable way to take quick action against attacking termites. Moreover, our termite control experts will suggest a particular solution that will perfectly meet your situation. 

  • Termite Monitoring

This program is a kind of treatment and prevention. It involves the usage of un-obstructive termite baiting stations, that are installed around the boundaries of your structure or home to locate termites. Read the below-mentioned information about termite monitoring. 

ADVANTAGE: All of our in-ground termite monitoring methods cover a year-long protection program free of any charges. Whenever your local termite controller visits your property to monitor the termite prone stations, they will also control and prevent up to 35 and more different pests. 

The setting of Baits Above The Ground 

If termite activities are observed, an above-ground bait system is used. The above the ground baiting system is placed on the termite activity within the house or related structures, On consuming the baits, termites take them back to their nests and infect all the other active termites. This further helps in eliminating the colony. The baits inside the stations are highly parable for termites but are safe for children and pets.